What is a Yoni?

Translating to the “source of all life” and “sacred space”, the word “Yoni” is from the ancient Hinduism language of Sanskrit, which describes the female sexual and procreative organs.

Yoni defined

Yoni is not just about the female genitals, the meaning has deeper roots on a spiritual level. For women, the Yoni is the essence of our sacred femininity and it is necessary that we nurture, love and care for her, just like she has done for all of us.

Sexual Health

You are what you eat. Everything that we put into our mouths AND our minds influences our sexual health. Maintaining well-being through diet, nutrition, and holistic wellness practices is essential for a healthy mind and body, which can organically be very healing to our Yoni’s and our sexuality. We can then start to understand and heal any recurring issues and distress within our Yoni’s and sexual reproductive system.

When we heal these parts deep within ourselves, we radiate good vibes, our juices start flowing and our vibrancy, vitality and sexual energy naturally kick into high-gear.

Everything we feed our mind, body, and soul has a positive impact on our overall sexual health. It’s all connected!


Yoni Nutrition & Wellness



What does it mean to eat right for our Yoni’s and sexual health?

Eating real, whole foods that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, low (to no) sugar, inflammatory and processed foods are ESSENTIAL to keeping our Yoni’s healthy, happy and in balance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Incorporating a clean, balanced diet into our lifestyle, rich in natural, whole foods is essential to the well-being of our sexual health and our Yoni’s.
  • Reducing and/or eliminating sugar intake, processed foods, and foods that cause inflammation to the body (goodbye gluten!)
  • Reducing the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and meat which creates acidity in the body.
  • Integrating various herbs and supplements that support women’s health.

By making the changes to include/exclude these foods from your lifestyle, they can help us lose weight, balance hormones, feed the good bacteria in our guts, promote healthy digestion, keep our hearts strong and our blood pumping, help maintain our body’s alkaline state, reduce inflammation and pain in the body, eliminate candida (no more yeast infections!), reduce UTI’s, help manage STI’s, increase fertility, improve PMS and our periods, boost our libido, help to keep things juicy and lubricated, improve our mood, improve our sleep, and SO MUCH MORE!

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Wellness & Mindfulness

A healthy mind also plays a huge role in the vitality of our sexual health. Reducing stress and incorporating mindfulness, meditation, breath work and yoga practices into your routine also helps to keep our Yoni’s and overall sexual health in balance.

Spending time in nature, or doing things that make you happy, naturally increases the happy hormones in your body, and therefore, a happy mind and a happy Yoni! Other alternative and holistic wellness practices such as body work (i.e. massage,), energy work (i.e. Reiki, sound healing), also has an extremely positive impact on the state of our mental health and wellbeing, therefore contributing to the health, happiness, and balance of our Yoni’s!

It’s all connected!



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