[ˈyōnē] noun


Translating to the “source of all life” and “sacred space”, the word “Yoni” is from the ancient Hinduism language of Sanskrit, which describes the female sexual and procreative organs to include the womb, vagina and vulva. 


 [ˈyōnē] noun


Translating to the “source of all life” and “sacred space”, the word “Yoni” is from the ancient Hinduism language of Sanskrit, which describes the female sexual and procreative organs to include the womb, vagina and vulva. 

Everything that you put into your mouth is connected to your vaginal health. 

Your vaginal microbiome is directly connected to your gut microbiome which contain of thousands of both good and bad flora and bacteria, usually living in harmony with each other to carry out your body’s normal digestive functions.

Your gut health is also connected to:
Your endocrine system – responsible for your hormones
Your nervous system – responsible for dealing with stress
Your immune system – responsible for fighting off viruses

These 3 systems are also connected to your vaginal health, because they’re connected to the health of your gut.

If you struggle with hormonal imbalances, if your vaginal infections are often triggered by stress, if you experience chronic activated viruses (like HPV and/or herpes), it’s because there is an imbalance in your gut health. 

And this is connected to everything that you are putting into your mouth – it’s all connected!


Why Nutrition & Holistic Wellness practices are Important in Maintaining your Yoni Health

What does it mean to eat right for your Yoni?

Eating real, whole, fresh foods that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, good fats, good-quality sources of protein, lots of fiber, drinking lots of water, and taking the right gut-supporting supplements like probiotics, creates a healthy environment for your good gut and vaginal flora to thrive and maintain their healthy balance.

Avoiding foods that cause inflammation in your gut is key to maintaining your good gut and vaginal flora as well. Foods like dairy, gluten, sugar, overly processed foods, junk foods, foods that are high in saturated fats, caffeine, alcohol, sodas and other beverages that are high in sugar, and anything that isn’t natural to the body are best to avoid or include in moderation.

Your Mind & Your Yoni Health

A healthy mind  plays a huge role in the vitality of your vaginal health. 

Reducing stress, practicing mindfulness and prioritizing your self-care is just as important to the health of your Yoni as nutrition is.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle, spending time in nature, exercising, self-pleasuring. sex, spending time with loved ones, doing things that make you happy, naturally increases the happy hormones in your body and naturally makes you feel good!

It helps to keep your juicy feminine energy flowing and keeps you vibing high…and who doesn’t want that!?

A happy mind = A happy Yoni! 

It's not just a Diet, it's a Lifestyle.

When you struggle with chronic vaginal health issues, like yeast infections, candida overgrowth, bacterial vaginosis, UTI’s, HPV & Herpes, you can often be sensitive to what you are putting into your mouth, without even realizing it. 

In fact, many foods are vaginal health triggers for some women, causing an issue almost immediately after eating or drinking certain foods.

When your vagina is sensitive, it’s important to know how specific foods & beverages have a negative affect on your vaginal health.

Incorporating new, healthy ways of eating into your lifestyle can help you learn how to manage, prevent, and heal your vaginal health issues and prevent them from coming back.

It takes time, patience, discipline, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of self- love, to change your habits, but I can tell you from experience that it’s worth it. 

And I can help you get there!

The source of our Feminine Power

Your Yoni is literally the source of life – both creating and giving birth to life.

She is the centre of your sensuality & sexuality, and connecting you to your divine feminine energy and power.

It’s important to nurture the relationship we have with her, just like you would care for yourself.

Learning how to care for her holistically, through nutrition & wellness practices is the ultimate form of self-love!

Are you ready to learn more about how diet, nutrition & wellness practices can help you with your specific vaginal health issue? Explore my programs.


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