Hi, I’m Adrienne,
the Yoni Nutritionist!

I’m a Certified Nutritional Practitioner,
with a passion for women’s health.

I help women get to the ROOT CAUSE of their recurring vaginal infections so they can feel confident in themselves and their sex lives again! I specialize in holistic nutrition & wellness for common, chronic vaginal infections like yeast infections, candida overgrowth, bacterial vaginosis, UTI’s, and common STI's like HPV and herpes. As a passionate STI Advocate and Sex Educator, I help people understand more about STI's, how to manageable they are, how to prevent transmission, and how to overcome the shame and stigma that come with an STI diagnosis.

My Rollercoaster of a Vaginal Health Journey

It started with recurring yeast infections in my teens, an HPV (high-risk cervical dysplasia) & HSV-2 diagnosis within the same year in my early 20’s.

Sprinkle in bacterial vaginosis (BV) infections & UTI’s here and there.

In my early 30’s I experienced a severe candida overgrowth (basically a yeast infection that took over my whole body), which changed my life.

After being chronically ill for months. my doctor would just send me home with a prescription. But my symptoms always came back.

I was suffering to the point of desperation, so I took matters into my own hands and did my own research.

I discovered that the root cause of my chronic vaginal health issues was connected to my gut health, which was connected to my diet & stress, which were triggering my symptoms.

I learned that candida overgrowth can be eliminated naturally with a specific diet. It seemed so easy in comparison to the suffering I was experiencing. I was so desperate – I would have done anything to feel better again!

A Holistic Approach to my Vaginal Health Changed My Life!

Off I went on my candida elimination journey, and it worked! It made me realize that you really are what you eat. That’s when my life changed.

It inspired me to quit my corporate life of 12 years to go to school to study Holistic Nutrition, to help women who struggle with their own vaginal health issues in silence.

Through the years I’ve learned through extensive research, studying Holistic Nutrition, personal & spiritual development, energetic work, and A LOT of trial and error, how to manage & heal these vaginal infections naturally.

And it’s working for me! With the work I do as the Yoni Nutritionist, I’m now helping so many women holistically manage & heal their vaginal health, just like I did.

Why is Vaginal Health still so "taboo" to talk about?

Especially because half of the population of the world are women, who have vagina’s! Part of my mission as the Yoni Nutritionist is to talk about these things openly and in friendly, simple, easy-to-understand terms to normalize these very common issues that still carry a lot of shame & stigma. As a passionate Herpes & HPV advocate, part of my work is to “spread” the word about just how common these STI’s are, and to share the important facts and information to help end the shame and stigma for people who live with these common STI’s, and the people who are open to learning about them.


Yoni Nutritionist

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