My valuable & informative blog posts give you a high-level overview on how to manage, prevent, & heal specific vaginal infections through Holistic Nutrition & Wellness practices.

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Understanding your Food Cravings

Ever wonder what your specific food cravings mean?This blog post explains what some of the most common cravings you experience means for your body, and what some healthy alternatives are that you can replace them with! Let’s start by understanding what cravings are. A food craving is your body and

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Bacterial Vaginosis – How to Holistically Manage & Prevent BV

Bacterial Vaginosis (commonly known and referred to as BV), is a real b*tch, causing both physical and emotional inconvenience, and is the most common vaginal health condition in women. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) Website, statistics for Bacterial Vaginosis infections are that in the United

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Top 5 Foods to Balance the Gut & Support Vaginal Health

Our gut health depends on what we are putting into our mouths, and so does the health of our vaginas.  Did you know that we have a vaginal microbiome, and it’s connected to our gut health?  Everything we eat and drink not only affects the health of our digestive system

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How to Holistically Heal HPV

HPV, (a.k.a) the Human Papillomavirus, is classified as the most commonly transmitted STI in both women and men.  HPV infections are very common, with most sexually active people contracting it at some point in their lives. As HPV is a virus, there are many different ways you can treat it

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Understanding Period Cravings and How to Manage Them

When that time of the month comes around, it’s very common for us to reach for food as a form of comfort, to get us through the hell of PMS, irritability, mood swings, headaches, bloating, cramps, and cravings that we experience before and during our period. This is the time

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10 Tips to Eating Healthy, When you Live on a Budget

Eating healthy is expensive, let’s be honest. It’s easy to break the bank when you want to buy organic ingredients, top-quality supplements, natural products, etc. When you want to eat healthily but are on a limited budget, it’s about shopping and eating SMART. Whether it be at your local health

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Candida – What is it?

Have you heard of Candida? Most people haven’t. Candida is a very common form of fungus, that lives ON and INSIDE OF the human body. It can be found on the skin, it can live inside the mouth (AKA Thrush), and in our Yoni’s (Yeast Infection). When it’s at proper

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