Chocolate is Good for your Sexual Health

There are SO MANY benefits of chocolate to women’s sexual health, including increasing your sex drive, producing happy hormones, promoting a feeling of relaxation similar to post-orgasm bliss, and is a major helper when we have our monthly cycle.

As a nutritionist, I often get asked what the difference is between cocoa (like the powder we drink in hot chocolate) and cacao (as in RAW cacao), especially since raw cacao is known as a “superfood” and is super trendy and everyone wants it. Here is a summary explaining the difference:

Cacao vs. Cocoa

The differences between the two essentially come down to the processing. Basically, cocoa powder is the most processed form of chocolate whereby the fat (which is converted into cocoa butter), is extracted and separated, so it can form a powder.

Raw cacao still undergoes some processing (fermentation, drying, roasting, crushing, grinding, etc.), but is the most natural version of chocolate available. That means that raw cacao is the healthiest version of chocolate that we can eat, and it’s good for us too!

Benefits of Cacao to our Sexual Health

Effective Sex-enhancer

  • Contains a specific amino acid that is a natural aphrodisiac for both women and men
  • Increases blood-flow to our sexual organs
  • Increases sensation, satisfaction & desire

Stimulates/elevates mood

  • Induces sensations of euphoria
  • Promotes dopamine production, enhancing feelings of well-being, joy, and pleasure

Energy booster

  • Contains the component Theobromine which is a natural heart-opener and aphrodisiac
  • Boosts energy by stimulating the nervous system

Standard dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cacao is an excellent source of minerals and antioxidants. The darker the chocolate, the higher the cacao content, the higher the mineral and antioxidant content, the lower the sugar, the greater the health benefits and the better it is for our Yoni’s and sexual health!

Benefits of Cacao to our Yoni’s & Women’s Health

Because raw cacao is the closest thing to the natural version of chocolate, it still has many of its natural healing components and benefits intact. Raw cacao contains little to no sugar is rich in minerals, is a good source of antioxidants and has a high (good fat!) content.

Here are the reasons why raw cacao is good for our Yoni’s & Sexual Health:

What’s in Cacao

Why it’s good for you


Lowers oxidative stress in the body, reduces inflammation, enhances immunity, acts as a powerful antioxidant


Helps reduce inflammation in the body, acts as a powerful antioxidant, helps to regulate blood sugar and hormones, helps reduce symptoms of PMS, helps produce collagen aiding in wound healing


Strengthens immunity, helps maintain a healthy pregnancy, increases blood volume and red blood cell production (which is super important during our moon cycle), helps to regulate hormones, helps the keep the body strong and energized


Helps to relieve symptoms of PMS, produces endorphins that produce “happy hormones”, reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation


Natural aphrodisiac and heart-opener increases blood flow to the sexual organs, natural sex-enhancer for women and men, elevates and stimulates mood, increases energy by stimulating the nervous system


Helps produce serotonin in the body which helps with brain function,  promotes a good nights’ sleep, boosts mood and energy levels

Next time you are craving chocolate, your body wants it for a reason! But be sure to be mindful of the quality of chocolate you are eating, that it is dark chocolate with more than 70% cacao, and of course, like with everything, in moderation.

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