Why Sugar is BAD for our Yoni’s


As sexy as this photo is, just looking at these sugar-covered lips makes my Yoni shudder. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sugar is one of the main culprits of discomfort with our Yonis and throws our sexual health (and entire bodies) off balance!

I have A LOT information about how sugar negatively impacts our overall health, ESPECIALLY the health of our Yoni’s. As someone who has struggled with Candida for half of my life, I can tell you from personal experience! I don’t want to get too detailed just yet, but here are some main highlights to start. 

(Just some of) the reasons why sugar is bad for our overall sexual and Yoni health:

  • Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in our guts – When we feed our body sugar, ESPECIALLY refined sugar, it feeds the bad bacteria which disrupts the healthy flora that is in our gut. This overgrowth can cause yeast infections and can cause CANDIDA, which can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially our Yoni’s!
  • Sugar can cause hormonal imbalances – Sugar can create chaos with our hormones as it causes insulin to spike our blood sugar levels. When we have an insulin imbalance in our bodes, this can cause our reproductive hormones and estrogen levels to be out of whack. Symptoms can include fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability & moodiness, anxiety & depression, acne, weight gain, irregular periods and fertility problems.
  • Sugar can trigger anxiety and depression which can lead to low libido – Consuming excessive amounts of sugar can leave you feeling high, followed by a total (blood) sugar crash. This leads to hunger, cravings, brain fog, and a not-in-the-mood, not-very-sexy, type of feeling. These blood sugar imbalances can elevate the stress hormone cortisol which often trigger mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

5 tips on how to reduce sugar from your diet:

  • Eat Whole Foods – Choose low-glycemic fruits and vegetables, legumes, gluten-free grains and high-quality animal protein (if you are a meat-eater)
  • Include Good Fats – Increase your (good) fat intake to help maintain blood sugar levels and preventing insulin from spiking/dropping – perfect sources are avocadoes, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, EVOO
  • Eliminate processed foods and especially, any foods containing processed, refined (white) sugar
  • Include only natural forms of sugar in your diet as it takes longer to break down in our bodies (thanks fibre!)
  • Read the labels – start paying attention to how much sugar is in the food you eat! Try to choose options that have <10g of sugar per serving

This is just scratching the surface on the negative effects of sugar on our body, on our sexual health and the health of our Yoni’s.

For more information on how nutrition and wellness are important to our sexual health, check out my Instagram, YouTube and Facebook @yoninutritionist

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